Public register: environmental permitting, water resources and marine licensing information

You may need to download software applications to view documents, for example, if your email system isn’t compatible with Outlook. If you don’t want to do this, or if need a document in a different or more accessible format, please contact us.

Use this public register to access public information, such as application and compliance documents for:

  • waste, water quality and regulated industry environmental permits
  • water resources licences
  • marine licences

Documents on the public register are produced by us, or third parties. Third parties may be organisations we consult or work with, but are usually permit or licence applicants and holders.

If you only want to check if an environmental permit or water resources licence is active, search the public register status check.

Terms and conditions

You may use and share documents produced by us freely, under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

Documents produced by third parties, such as management systems, monitoring reports, operational plans and so on, are protected by intellectual property rights.

The documents that applicants and permit holders are required to submit to us by law are available for you to read.  You will need to seek permission from the person or company that owns the rights before using it in any other way. 

By using and downloading documents from the public register, you are agreeing to comply all relevant limitations.

See our terms and conditions page for more information on using the content available on the public register.

Documents from before 1 September 2018

Some public register documents from before 1 September 2018, are not currently available on the online public register. 

We’re working to improve this. Until then, please use our request permit information process to see copies of these documents.

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