Coast Protection Act 1949 Consenting

What is Coast Protection Act 1949 Consenting?

When a Coast Protection Authority wishes to undertake new coast protection (coastal erosion) scheme works, as opposed to ongoing maintenance works, they are required by the Coast Protection Act 1949 (CPA) to undertake certain notifications and consultations with a number of interested parties and may also need to obtain other permissions prior to commencing work.  Section 5(5) of the CPA requires them to then provide us with confirmation that these steps have been followed, that all required permissions have been obtained in advance and that there are no ongoing objections to the proposed works.  

The Coast Protection Authority does this by submitting an application form confirming all the required information.  If we are satisfied with the content of the application we then respond with a letter to confirm they have our consent to proceed with their application to Welsh Government Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Branch for potential funding for the proposed coast protection works. 

What’s changed and why?

Following our internal Flood Risk Management Business Area Review, we have recently updated our process for dealing with these applications.  It is now easier and simpler, without compromising on the requirements of the CPA. Applications are now processed by our Permit Receipt Team. 

How to apply?

Complete the new CPA1:2018 application form which replaces the previous ‘Form CPA 1 v4 (Wales)’ and no longer requires supporting documents to be provided as evidence with the application.  The form and supporting guidance can be found below. 

Where should a completed application be sent?

Applications should be sent to our Permit Receipt Centre, preferably via email to:

Alternatively, you can submit your application by post to:Permit Receipt Centre, Natural Resources Wales, Cambria House, 29 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0TP. 

How long does a CPA consent application take?

Our Permit Receipt Team aim to reply with a decision within 10 working days. 

Have a query?

If you have a query and would like to talk to us about CPA consenting you can email your query to, Call us on 0300 065 3770 or write to Permit Receipt Centre, Natural Resources Wales, Cambria House, 29 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0TP.   

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