Forestry sector and business advice

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Natural Resources Wales is committed to promoting the positive role of a vibrant Welsh Forest Resource. We want to make sure businesses, communities and social enterprises get the greatest possible benefit from the woodland estate that it manages on behalf of the Welsh Government. Here are some links and contacts to use if you are seeking support or advice for your business.

Contacting staff with responsibility for forestry

If you have done business with us in the past, you are likely to already have a contact who will be your first point of call.

Our email addresses are: firstname.surname followed by

If you cannot find their telephone number or track them down, then please

Find out more about the support and funding available for managing your woodland and new woodland creation

Visit the Glastir and other funding sources and Glastir woodland management pages. Find out more about the opportunities that the Woodland Carbon Code and independent certification to the UK Woodland Assurance Standard could bring to your business.

Using the Welsh Government Woodland Estate for enterprise, recreation, projects and more

The starting point for enquiries about submitting a proposal for projects, partnerships and new enterprises based on using the Welsh Government Woodland Estate is Woodlands and You.

Although primarily designed with small-scale and community enterprises in mind, this section provides the process and advice for any scale of project, partnership or business proposal. Recreation businesses are a growing part of the Welsh forest sector, prospering from the attractive landscape and visitor facilities to help attract customers. If you want to find out how the Welsh Government Woodland Estate can support the growth and development of your business, please visit Woodlands and You.

Buying or working timber from Welsh Government woodlands and forests

We offer a range of opportunities to buy sustainable timber from the woodlands and forests that we manage on behalf of the Welsh Government. You can find out about this and how to work with us in managing the Welsh Government Woodland Estate by visiting the links below or contacting the team.

Our ongoing business involves a large number of contract opportunities, which are advertised on our tenders page and on the Welsh Government’s Sell 2 Wales website.

Proposing a renewable energy scheme on the Welsh Government Woodland Estate

Visit our wind, wood and hydro energy pages for more details.

Research and statistics

We undertake and commission economic research and appraisals for forestry. The Welsh Government and Forestry Commission also compile statistical information covering various aspects of forestry. If you need facts and figures on forestry, visit the statistics, forecasts and surveys page.

We are committed to making our spatial data easier to access and available for download under the European INSPIRE initiative. 

If your business is in research or analysis, then go to our data download website for more information.

General enquires

For more general enquiries about forestry in Wales, contact the Sustainable Forest Management Team in Natural Resources Wales by e-mailing

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